Wedding Boutiques Can Help Get Your Groom Involved!

Wedding Boutiques in Chicago

Wedding Boutiques in Chicago

From time to time I have this reoccurring daydream. I see myself walking into wedding boutiques in Chicago, where crystal chandeliers hang low from the ceiling and plush white gowns line the walls. A one-of-a-kind wedding boutique in Chicago filled with fabulous finds. I envision my fiancé with me, watching me try on gown after gown. I imagine his eyes glowing with deep satisfaction.

Then, I wake up! And as I come back to reality, I have to ask myself, “what man has the patience for such time consuming tasks!?” The only part of the wedding planning process a groom wants to see is the price tag for an open bar and a DJ who will spin all night long.

So, how do you get your groom involved in your wedding planning?

Often times wedding boutiques in Chicago are great for other services outside of helping the bride find a dress. Though they typically cater to the bride and her bridal party, they can also provide advice to the groom on products, and services he could use to prepare for the big day. With a professional stylist, your groom can use their expertise to help him decide between a tuxedo or a custom made suit. Best case scenario, you both walk away with a look that gives your ceremony just the opulence it needs.

If you aren’t into the idea of wedding attire shopping with your fiance try taking on another task. Have you and your groom picked a signature cocktail for the reception? No, then do a bar crawl! Go to different popular bars and restaurants and find a drink your guests will remember long after the reception is over (Don’t forget to take a taxi between stops!)

You can also go sightseeing in your city! Try some new restaurants. Maybe one can host the rehearsal dinner. If you’re lucky you’ll see something that inspires a new wedding theme.

But most importantly, go to your groom with specifics. If needed, make a list so you do not lose focus. Keep everything light and interesting. If he can enjoy the process, then he will be more eager to get on board. The goal is not only to create one magical night of unforgettable memories; it is to also enjoy the journey getting there!

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