Expectations during your bridal appointment.

Your Bridal Appointment

Your Bridal Appointment

You have booked your bridal appointment and are so excited just thinking about finding the perfect wedding gown. You are feeling confident. You have completed your research; you have pictures of wedding gowns you like and you are ready to go!

BUT WAIT…you start to think, “What should I bring? What should I wear? “Do I need to bring heels?” “What type of bra should I wear?” Now you’re starting to get a little freaked out. No worries.

These ten simple steps will ease your concerns about your bridal appointment and put you in the right frame of mind to find the perfect wedding gown for you.

  1. I know I do not need to say this…but it must be said. Always wear clean underwear! Seriously. I know. But you never know. Don’t workout first and then squeeze in your bridal appointment before heading home to shower and heading out to dinner. Clean undies are a must.
  2. Take with you or wear a strapless bra. Most wedding gowns look better in a strapless bra even if they are not strapless. Also, if you feel more comfortable in your Spanx bring them too.
  3. Arrive at least 10 minutes before your appointment. Most bridal salons have simple paperwork that need to be completed before they start the appointment.
  4. Do not bring outside food or drink with you. Eat before or after – but never during your bridal appointment.
  5. Make sure the bridal consultant understands your budget. Does it include alterations? A veil? Accessories? Jewelry? Know your budget and stick to it. And do not try on something outside of your budget unless you are willing to increase it.
  6. Ask for advice, there are different wedding gown silhouettes and you need to know which one really brings out the best in you. Your bridal consultant is there to help you, so do not be afraid to ask for help.
  7. Although your crew has an opinion, trust your voice! It is your wedding, no matter who is paying for the wedding gown. You are the only one who has to wear it.
  8. Now do not be alarmed if they have clips or modesty panels to secure the sample gown while you are trying it on. When you order your wedding gown it will be in YOUR size.
  9. Don’t be afraid to purchase on the first visit. I have seen brides purchase the first gown on the first visit. Some brides are decisive and other brides might want to look at another bridal salon. It all depends on your wedding date and the selection of gowns you see.
  10. Most importantly, be kind to yourself during the process. This is YOUR bridal appointment.  Do not focus on what you perceive are your flaws. Focus on what you like about your body and what you want to accentuate.

Remember you should purchase your wedding gown within 8 – 9 months before your wedding. It takes most designers about 4 – 6 months to make the wedding gown – plus factor in time for alterations. Otherwise you will incur rush charges – which can be very steep. Happy Shopping!


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