Top 10 Wedding Do-Overs!

do-over“I want a wedding do-over!” No matter how perfect the wedding, every bride has a regret or two. Take a look at what brides say they would do differently, if they had the opportunity to do it again!

10. Keep the traditions! Whether it is cultural (African American’s jumping the broom); ethnic (Chinese brides wearing a red dress to symbolize love and joy), or more fun like the Chicken Dance or Electric Slide; brides who opted out later regretted it.

9. Cut the budget. Some brides complained they were still paying for elements of their wedding – years after the wedding.

8. Get the wedding ring you want. Otherwise, life gets in the way; babies, home purchases, and retirement, all make it difficult to justify the upgrade or do-over 10 years later.

7. Let your bridesmaids chose their dresses while you chose the color. Your friends have different personalities, budgets and often shapes. Let their individuality shine through your vision.

6. Standing up for your self is not the same as being a Bridezilla. Brides wished they had pushed harder for things they wanted or did not want.

5. Don’t stay out all night drinking the night before your wedding. Your energy levels will suffer on your big day.

4. Don’t visit more than two wedding boutiques looking for the perfect wedding dress. Brides knew “their” dress immediately when they tried it on. However, kept making bridal appointments at different salons, only to purchase from the first place they started.

3. Don’t get the “honeymoon suite” during your honeymoon. Couples spent more time outside rather than inside their room during the honeymoon wanting a do-over as well as a refund. The additional costs were not worth it at the end.

2. Provide your wedding photographer with a detailed shot list. Assign a close friend to work with her to point out family members. Brides were disappointed and wanted a do-over because they did not capture photos of all family members.

And the number 1 do over was: Pick your bridesmaids carefully. Many brides regretted the people they included or did not include.

Happy Planning!


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