Looking for perfect plus size wedding dresses?

plus size wedding dresses

plus size wedding dresses

You are getting married! Now it’s time to find great plus size wedding dresses. But wait, where does a curvy or plus size bride — who is a size 12 or larger go to find the perfect curvy or plus size wedding gown?

  1. First step – Google. Use search terms like plus size wedding dresses, plus size wedding gowns and remember to add your city. Now, don’t get alarmed if on the first page, you see the wedding shops that are online retailers or large chains. Remember, you are in research mode, go to the second, the third, and the fourth pages until you have a list of about 3 – 4 bridal salons that you want to visit. If you are lucky, you might even find a bridal salon that specializes in curvy and plus-size brides! YEA YOU!
  2. Second step – got your list of bridal salons? Time to visit their websites. Is it up to date? Are the images crisp? Is it inviting? Are their prices aligned to your budget? Can you book your appointment online? Like what you see? Then book your appointment. Still on the fence? Call them! You want excited, helpful, and friendly bridal consultants. What is the price range of the wedding gowns they carry? Ask them if they have plus size wedding dresses in your sample size, and LISTEN to their tone and response. You like what you hear? Book an appointment! You don’t like. Move on to the next boutique on your list. Book at least two appointments at two different bridal salons. Remember they do not have to beg for your money. However, they do have to earn your trust and ultimately your business.
  3. Final step – Time for your bridal appointments. Now think about who you want to attend your appointment and why. Remember it is best to have the trusted voice of a few than the opinions’ of many. Good luck and enjoy yourself! Remember finding your perfect plus size wedding dress will take time; so start early!


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