Open, closed or semi-closed: a bridal salon in Chicago.

bridal salon in Chicago

bridal salon in Chicago

A bridal salon in Chicago is not like traditional retail stores, where you can walk in and serve yourself for the most part. There are three types of bridal salons in Chicago that brides will encounter on their journey to finding the perfect wedding gown: open, closed and semi-open.

Many brides walk into Haute & Co. Bridal™ for curvy and plus size brides and want to walk around and touch every beautiful gown in the boutique. We know the temptation is overwhelming. However, we are a closed boutique. What’s the difference? Glad you asked!


A closed bridal salon in Chicago does not allow brides or their guests to browse the racks and pull their own gowns. Bridal consultants at closed boutiques provide a consultation at the beginning of the appointment to get a greater understanding of the bride’s vision, while educating her on the different silhouettes and what would look great on her. Armed with this information, the bridal consultant then selects the wedding gowns that best fit the bride’s vision. She will also select veils, including accessories to create the total look for the bride. Most closed boutiques will carry luxury, higher-end wedding gowns, typically over $2000.


An open bridal salon in Chicago will allow you to browse their racks and select a number of wedding gowns to try on. Their bridal consultants guide the process. They are there to answer basic questions and may suggest a wedding gown for the bride to consider.


A semi-open bridal salon in Chicago is quite common. These bridal salons will keep their popular wedding gowns accessible on the sales floor, but most of their inventory is kept behind closed doors. Their bridal consultants will allow the bride to browse the racks and try on many of the wedding gowns on display. If she does not see anything she likes, they will either show her other wedding gowns on an iPad or just select wedding gowns for her.

Whether the bridal salon in Chicago you visit is closed, open or semi-open, they all should be able to help you understand the different silhouettes, wedding gown colors, and accessories. In the end, you are looking to purchase the wedding gown that is perfect you – one that realistically captures your vision. So be open to all of these types of experience. Remember its journey!


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