Wedding Gown Shopping and Avoiding Mom Conflict

Discussing Wedding Gown Styles

Receiving well-meaning advice is unavoidable during the planning of your wedding. If you have the kind of mother that is outspoken enough to give you advice on how to plan your ceremony then you can count on her for feedback on your wedding gown. Don’t fret we have five simple ways to diffuse the conflict or avoid it completely.

1. Narrow your Mom’s suggestions early on. The first time your Mom gives her opinion on your wedding gown should not be during your bridal appointment. At the beginning of the wedding planning process, go over your style choices and create several looks. This way when during your bridal appointment, everyone will be on the same page.

2. Put yourself in your Mom’s shoes. Ask her about her wedding gown shopping experience. If she enjoyed it, then she maybe enthusiastic about making sure you do the same. If she didn’t have a pleasant experience, try giving her the opportunity to create a better moment for you. Your mother will have plenty of “how to” advice.  You don’t have to use it all, but show her you care enough about her opinion to ask for it.

3. Establish your Mom’s role early in the wedding planning process. If she’s in charge of paying for your wedding gown, then set a budget and discuss style guidelines. If your Mom starts to ask for things outside of the guidelines, gently bring her back to your previous conversations.

4. Use this time to bond with your Mom. You want your Mom to look beautiful on your big day. Take her shopping for her special “mother of the bride” dress and show her the same consideration about her choices that you want when shopping for your wedding gown.

5. Some Moms just need to hear you say “No!” Stand up for yourself. If your Mom is the overbearing type, just respectfully decline her requests and manage her pushiness head on. Even though she might be coming from a good place, this is your moment, and you want to be in a wedding gown, that YOU really like on YOUR wedding day. Remember that!

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