The Curvy Bride Advocate

Every curvy bride needs a glam squad!

Every bride needs a glam squad!

Are you a curvy bride; then you need a curvy bride advocate! As a bridal stylist, I am accustomed to working with the most amazing women. No…really I feel very fortunate. Most brides are looking for an ally to help them bring their vision to life. So in walks our team, the ultimate curvy bride advocates. Yes ladies, at Haute & Co. Bridal, you have an advocate. We have gone to great lengths for our brides and will continue to do so. But what does a curvy bride advocate do? We are committed to delivering 3 simple things for you!

1.  We encourage and support your voice! What you say, is what counts. It does not matter who is paying. You are our bride. So overbearing bridesmaids and pushy mothers – love you to pieces, but I am listening to the bride. Done!

2. We keep the main thing – the main thing! You are looking for your perfect wedding gown. And dang gone it, we are going to find it! We don’t sell bridesmaids gowns for a reason. We want every curvy bride who walks into our boutique to know the experience will be all about her, no one else. Just you and your wedding gown!

3. We are your stylists. Yes, ladies you have a personal wedding stylist. We are every curvy bride’s dream – if I may say so myself. We start by finding your dream wedding gown, then on to find the perfect tear-drop or chandelier ear bobble to make you swoon. And did I talk veils, garters, and undergarments? Oh my….let’s just say Beyonce will not be the only one with a glam squad!

So ladies, it really is that simple. We work for you – the curvy bride! Don’t believe me? I invite you to secure your bridal appointment at Haute & Co. Bridal and meet your personal curvy bridal stylist! The champagne will waiting and tell them Shannelle sent you!

Stay fab!

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