Choosing The Right Bridesmaids #squadgoals

The day has finally arrived. The question was popped and you said yes! Time to celebrate with all your BFFs. And if you are anything like me, between your family members, cousins, sorority sisters, work friends and your besties, you have a true #squad that could all be bridesmaids.

The Ultimate Bridesmaids!

Steps to Choosing Your Bridesmaids

To help identify the best people to support you during this important time, I have FIVE simple rules to help you chose the right bridesmaids and create the ultimate squad!

Rule 1: Never cave to the pressure to include anyone. That never ends well and ultimately you are the only one who will pay for that disaster.

Rule 2: Choose people who you know have in the past and currently supported you. These are the crew that have supported you in all your foolishness, held your hair while you threw up, and never judged your questionable dating in the past. These are your true ride or die chicks.

Rule 3: Do not base your decision on who can afford or looks the best in the bridesmaids’ dresses. Seriously! I promise you will have happier memories with the crew who really loves you versus the ones who could afford to purchase that Sorella Vita sequin bridesmaid dress that you love!

Rule 4: You and only you chose the bridesmaids dresses! No need to have a party and visit 20 different places. That is a waste of time and it is awkward for your bridesmaids. Start your search online, narrow it down to two collections. Check to see which bridal salons in your area carry them and are willing to ship to out of town bridesmaids. Set a date and let your bridesmaids know that you are looking to finalize everything that day and invite them to come along. They should come prepared to place a deposit or make the purchase.

Rule 5: Never forget why you really have bridesmaids. Making the transition from girlfriend to fiancé and ultimately to wife requires patience, tears and hard work. You need a supportive team around you during this time.

I am not promising that everything will go perfectly if you following my rules. But I do promise you will limit the drama and increase your likelihood to have a great time with a great group of girls! Remember it is always the journey that counts not just the destination.


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